Grace Roberts of 107.3 The WAVE interviews Greg McNeil, Founder of Cover2 Resources. Cover2 Resources is a nonprofit organization dedicated to sharing resources with those struggling with substance abuse disorder and their loved ones. Cover2 Resources was born from personal tragedy. Greg lost his son Sam to heroin overdose in October 2015. Greg’s family was shocked to hear the news of his death. “As a family, we were blindsided by Sam’s death. We thought we had everything covered and that he was doing great. We just didn’t see this coming,” says Greg.

After sharing his story, Greg goes on to discuss resources and initiatives he has come across through research and outreach. One such initiative is taking place in Colerain Township, where opioid overdoses have decreased 30% since last year. Listen to the podcast to discover how Colerain has achieved monumental success in the face of the opioid epidemic.