Greg interviews Jennifer Biddinger, the Director of Drug Abuse Outreach Initiatives for Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine. In her role, Jennifer helps Ohioans fight drugs in their communities. As a part of the heroin outreach program, her team goes into specific communities to create initiatives. “The first step is to organize key people or leaders in the community. We hold a meeting with these leaders, and from there, we make decisions about how to move forward,” says Jennifer.

Jennifer goes on to discuss the attributes of those specific communities in which her team does outreach. She discusses how the team allocates resources in the face of the overwhelming epidemic. “We generally look for people who are in the worst shape,” she says. “Where is our time best utilized to save lives?” She says this is often very clear to her team when they work with action-based individuals in those communities. “We have to go in and have a meeting that produces results quickly,” says Jennifer.

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