Allyse Adams

Allyse Adams

Allyse Adams is currently a Clinical Administrator at Oriana House, Inc. Allyse received her Master of Science in Education in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Youngstown State University. Allyse brought her knowledge and experience to Oriana House, Inc. and, under the direction from Sally Longstreth-Fluck, developed and successfully implemented the Rigel Recovery Services program. She has worked in direct collaboration with Summit Psychological Associates to create a program that offers opiate specific treatment, mental health services and Vivitrol injections to the community in direct effort to address the opiate epidemic. Allyse’s experience includes a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, case management services with TASC and felony drug court, clinical work in a community detoxification facility and clinical and supervisory duties at Oriana House, Inc. Currently, her duties include supervising treatment within 2 Community Based Correctional Facilities, 1 Halfway House, and several non-residential programs all within Oriana House, Inc.

Title: Treatment Professional

Oriana House, Inc

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