Captain Michael Shearer

Captain Michael Shearer

Captain Michael Shearer has spent his entire life living and working in the City of Akron.  He graduated from Kenmore High School and attended the University of Akron prior to joining the Akron Police Department in 1991.  During his 25 years of service with the police department, he has worked in the Uniformed Subdivision, the Investigative Subdivision and currently oversees the Akron Police Department’s Narcotics, Vice, and Gang Units.  He spent 21 years on the SWAT Team, and Commanded the SWAT Team for 14 years.  He is also a graduate of the Police Executive Leadership College (PELC) and the Certified Law Enforcement Executive (CLEE).

Title: Law Enforcement

Akron Police Department

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Email:  mgshearer@akronohio.gov

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