Jeff Smith

Jeff Smith

Jeffrey D. Smith, Project Director, 8th Judicial District

Jeff is the Project Director for the 8th Judicial District.  He has been the Project Director and/or Coordinator for multiple Problem Solving Courts within the 8th District since 1996.  Currently, Jeff is assisting with the development and operation of all Problem Solving Courts within the 8th District.  Jeff continues to be a member of several planning initiatives within NYS and the 8th District, including the planning and implementation of the Opiate Intervention Court in the City of Buffalo.  The majority of Jeff’s Drug Court career has been involved with the “start-up” of various problem solving courts from the initial stages to the full implementation of said courts.  Jeff has written or co-written grants awarded by BJA for the DWI court in Erie County, Veteran’s Court in the City of Buffalo, Drug Courts within 8 different counties, and most recently the Opiate Intervention Court in the City of Buffalo.  Jeff has acted as team leader for all the above, as well as the person responsible for community mapping and linkages to all stakeholders for each project.  Jeff is the primary contact for all problem solving courts within the 8th District and interacts with all problem solving court Judges, staff, and community partners on a daily basis.

Title: Court Official

8th Judicial District

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