Jennifer Mason

Jennifer Mason

Jennifer Mason is an EMS coordinator for Kettering Health Network (Fort Hamilton Hospital). Prior to this, she was with the City of Hamilton Fire Department, retiring after 30 years. She was the first professional female firefighter in southwest Ohio. When she left, she had been promoted to the position of EMS Coordinator there as well. While with Kettering, she founded F.O.R.T. (Fort’s Opiate Recovery Taskforce) after struggling through addiction issues with a family member.This team of professionals works in the community to find those suffering from addiction and provide a means to get them into treatment. The team consists of a paramedic (Jennifer), law enforcement and a chemical dependency counselor and they go out weekly. Referrals to the team are made by emergency physicians, nursing, courts, law enforcement, EMS and people that simply cross their path while doing outreach.

Since its inception in April 2015, the team has encountered some amazing scenarios working on the streets of Hamilton, Ohio and has witnessed some positive outcomes.

Title: Treatment Professional

Kettering Health Network

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