Mary Huber

Dr. Huber has designed, conducted and evaluated both quantitative and qualitative studies and projects in the fields of vocational rehabilitation, substance abuse, mental health, and disability related rehabilitation. Her education includes completing two post-doctoral fellowships at the University of Michigan, one in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (Spinal Cord Injury) and one in Psychiatry and Substance Abuse, to gain the skills needed to facilitate her research career and interest in the field of disabilities. She has worked in various settings including academia, non-profit agencies, private-for-profit companies, and private consulting. Dr. Huber has published over 45 articles, monographs, and chapters in the disability and mental health fields. She has extensive experience as principal investigator for federal (NIDILRR, SAMHSA), state and local agencies managing millions of dollars in research funding. She and her colleagues recently received $134,000 to continue two community interventions to reduce opiate related overdoses and deaths in Dayton. She has an outstanding record of successful scholarship activity to the state, regional, and national levels recognized by her publications and grants. Dr. Huber’s work exemplifies new and innovative knowledge.

Title: Medical Professional

Wright State University

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