Dr. Michael Marcotte

Dr. Michael Marcotte is a maternal fetal medicine specialist working as the Director of Quality and Safety for Women’s Services at TriHealth, a two maternity hospital system in Cincinnati, Ohio that delivers over 10,000 babies each year. Sixty percent of his time is spent working on system wide efforts optimizing maternal and neonatal outcomes. The rest of his effort is directed towards internal, local, state and national efforts to improve infant survival and maternal health. He has been an obstetric expert working with OPQC since 2008 and a national expert for the March of Dimes since 2013. Currently, he is working on a local initiative called StartStrong, in which hospital based services are partnering with multiple social service and community based agencies and other medical centers to transform prenatal care in Ohio’s most vulnerable populations into patient center care that seeks to deliver care that is evidence based, early and sustained, and patient valued. He is also the medical director of the HOPE program for opiate addicted pregnant and recently pregnant women providing enhanced prenatal care with a strong emphasis on a partnership with addiction treatment facilities and medication assisted treatment centers. The group is part of the MOMs grant from the State of Ohio working to develop an evidence based bundle of wrap around services to help improve pregnancy outcomes and reduce infant morbidity and mortality in pregnancies affected by opiate use disorders. Dr. Marcotte received is MD at the University of Toledo Medical School, formerly called the Medical College of Ohio.

Title: Medical Professional


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