Roy Poillon

Roy P. Poillon has been infusing strategy, structure, process and implementation into many of America’s challenging public healthcare issues. From a home healthcare nationwide implemented disease management model designed around both patient and family, to an international hospital surgery network for uninsured families, as founder of R~House Alzheimer’s Family Learning Center and today with Families Impacted by Opioids. The family is the focus to our love, shared as a nation, a community and a village. He seeks to empower the family in their journey with substance abuse.

Our focus with the epidemic of substance abuse has primarily been with the one who is abusing the substances. To the side lines is where we find the family, and yet the family as a system is an intracule part of the persons life. We need to help heal both, the family and the one abusing substances. This is a transformational conference. It’s focus is to empower the family members.

Title: Community Organizer

Families Impacted by Opioids

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