Sean Fearns

Sean Fearns

Sean Fearns serves as the Chief of Community Outreach for DEA since 2015, a position that includes management of the DEA Museum as well as the DEA Community Outreach and Prevention Support section. In this capacity Sean is responsible for guiding a diverse and creative staff to develop and implement strategic national partnerships with other organizations which help educate the public on the current drug threats facing the country, communicate key Administration drug prevention messages, and reduce the demand for those drugs, including implementing the DEA 360 Strategy.

Sean was hired by the Drug Enforcement Administration in 1998 as part of the team in the Office of Public Affairs that developed and opened the DEA Museum in 1999. During the eighteen years that Sean has been associated with the DEA Museum, the Museum has undergone significant enhancements with an expanded changing exhibit gallery in 2002; a nationally-traveling exhibit on the costs and consequences of drug abuse; a trio of international traveling exhibits in Afghanistan; an organized and professional archive; a growing permanent collection of photographs, documents, and objects; an improved gift shop and e-commerce operation; many smaller temporary exhibits; a dynamic website; a major renovation and expansion of the Museum’s permanent gallery in 2013; and an organized marketing effort resulting in sustained increases in visitors to the DEA Museum.

Title: Law Enforcement

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