Tom Carr

Tom Carr

Thomas Carr is Executive Director of the Washington/Baltimore High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) program, a position he has held since 1994. He also serves as Executive Director of the University of Maryland’s Center for Safe Solutions. Mr. Carr has designed and implemented more than 125 law enforcement drug task forces, 18 drug treatment/criminal justice task forces, and five drug prevention task forces during the last 20 years. He currently administers 52 drug task forces and a regional intelligence center that supports more than 95 federal, state and local law enforcement agencies in Maryland, Washington, D.C, Virginia and West Virginia. As committee chair of the Performance Management Process used by the HIDTA program, Office of National Drug Control Policy, Mr. Carr established metrics to measure the efficiency and effectiveness of drug control efforts in the fields of drug law enforcement, criminal intelligence, treatment and prevention.

Title: Community Organizer

Office of National Drug Control Policy

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