Wayne Campbell

Wayne Campbell

Wayne Campbell is the president and founder of Tyler’s Light, a grassroots non-profit organization bringing awareness to communities across the Midwest about the dangers of prescription and illegal drug use.  Wayne has pioneered the effort to reach students and communities through cutting-edge presentations.  He has, of this date, spoken to over 115,000 students at 200 schools in 8 states. The organization was named after Wayne’s son, Tyler, who tragically died of an accidental heroin overdose in July 2011 after a fight with addiction to prescription pain medication.  Tyler’s Light has made great strides toward encouraging people to “Speak Up, Save a Life”. In addition, they have reached thousands of people online with its powerful “Speak Up, Save a Life” videos. Additionally, Wayne has appeared on CBS 60 Minutes, HBO Real Sports and Direct TV.  You can learn more about Wayne and Tyler’s Light at www.tylerslight.com

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Tyler's Light

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Email:  wcampbell@tylerslight.com

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