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Hope Village Recovery Center Hosts Opioid Roundtable in Rootstown, OH

Senator Rob Portman attended an opioid roundtable on Thursday, August 30th. Hosted by Hope Village Recovery Center, Greg McNeil of Cover2 Resources attended the roundtable along with the Portage County Mental Health and Recovery Board (MHRB). Senator Portman’s bipartisan Comprehensive Addiction & Recovery Act helps fund recovery and treatment programs, as well as prevention resources. The Hope Village Recovery Center provides outpatient recovery services for individuals who suffer from alcohol and drug addiction in Rootstown, Ohio.

April 25th, 2018: Cover2 Resources Recognized as Non-Profit of the Month by Nurenberg Paris

Over the past 7 years, Nurenberg Paris has been making a difference through its Community Matters partnership. Every month they choose a non-profit organization to partner with so that they can help them promote their cause and achieve their goals. This program allows non-profits to get recognized by being featured on an episode of WKYC’s Lakeside Today, promoted on social media, and even a ‘Road to a Better’ commercial spot that airs during the month on WKYC.


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Nurenberg Paris’ Community Matters partnership has helped nearly 100 different non-profit organizations in Northeast Ohio, and Cover2 Resources is very proud to have been affiliated with this program. Their attorneys, case managers, paralegals, and support staff volunteer their personal time and money to help local grassroots organizations.“We help people every day and taking pain medication is a difficult reality for many of our personal injury clients who have been severely injured at no fault of their own. During our community matters monthly charity partnership, we were pleased to share the work that Cover2 Resources and Greg McNeil are doing to educate, connect and advocate for change in the opioid epidemic. During our partnership, we were shocked to learn that 80% of those who become addicted began their difficult journey with prescription medication. Each month we share the stories of non-profits that strive to make our community a better place. Cover2 Resources is certainly moving mountains to do just that and together we can all make a difference in the opioid epidemic and change lives for the better.”  – Tamara Brininger

In addition to Cover2 Resources, the Community Matters program has partnered with non-profits of all sizes, shapes and missions. Their partnerships have included; PAWS Ohio, one of the most reputable, long-standing cat and dog humane rescue groups; MedWish, a non-profit that repurposes medical supplies and equipment discarded by the healthcare industry; and Cleveland Kids’ Book Bank with the mission to foster literacy and a love of reading by providing free books to children in need.

Cover2 resources is very thankful and proud to be included among these great organizations and will continue to support Northeast Ohio in any way possible. The difference that the Nurenberg Paris Community Matters partnership is making and will make in the future is commendable. We are pleased to have had this opportunity to partner with Nurenberg Paris and look forward to the future. To learn more about Cover2 Resources, check out the commercial provided by Nurenberg Paris here.


April 12th, 2018: Fentanyl Is A Lethal Weapon, But $1 Test Strips Offer A Defense

Check out this article featuring our Founder, Greg McNeil discussing how the opioid epidemic has personally affected his family, and how Cover2 Resources funded Circle Health Service’s test strip pilot program.

Surgeon General and Greg at Rx Summit 2018

April 5th, 2018: Surgeon General Jerome Adams pictured with Cover 2 founder

Greg McNeil at the 2018 National Rx Drug Abuse & Heroin Summit. Surgeon General Adams, along with many other key speakers including former President Clinton, spoke on fighting the opioid within your own immediate communities. He also spoke on making Narcan universally available in order to save lives.

The Trade - Opioid Epidemic

March 30, 2018 : Special Screening of Showtime’s “The Trade” documentary

Catch a special screening of the docu-series “The Trade” for an inside look at the effects of the opioid epidemic. There will be a screening Monday, April 2nd 2018 at the Wexner Center for the Arts in Columbus, OH. For more information, check out the event details here.

WAKR Opioid Roundtable


March 23, 2018: The Rubber City Radio Group Sponsor Opioid Roundtable

Join our own, Greg McNeil and the Rubber City Radio Group Thursday, March 29th for an “Opioid Roundtable,” featuring some key speakers from our community who will do a short presentation on their role in the battle against the opioid epidemic followed by a question & answer segment from the audience. The roundtable begins March 29, 2018, at Barberton High School Auditorium and we would like to invite everyone to come participate and discover more about the fight against opioid addiction. Visit 1590 WAKR  Rubber City Radio Group for more information on the discussion.

Lakeside Today

March 22, 2018: Nurenberg Paris and Cover2 Discuss Potential Partnership

Nurenburg Paris Attorney Jordan Lebovitz and Cover2 Founder Greg McNeil discuss partnership of organizations on set at Lakeside Today. Take a look at the interview about battling addiction and the opioid epidemic. Watch that interview here.

Shane Runion at WAKR

March 21, 2018: Shane Runion and Greg McNeil Join Jasen Sokol at WAKR

Country music artist Shane Runion and founder of Cover 2 Resources Greg McNeil joined Jasen Sokol on WAKR this morning. Runion discussed his new single “Tattoos” and explained how and where the song originated. Runion performed the song for the Drug-Free Clubs of America and is currently performing at various venues across northeast Ohio. His shows are an attempt to bring a message of hope and bring awareness to the current opioid epidemic, thus tackling the issue head-on. Check out the interview here.

Shane Runion Band performs for Drug-Free Clubs of America

Shane Runion Rocks Out in Cuyahoga Falls

The Shane Runion Band and a number of enthusiastic faces took Cuyahoga Falls High School by storm this morning. The Cuyahoga Falls chapter of the Drug-Free Clubs of America enjoyed an unforgettable show as country artist Shane Runion put on a stellar performance. Runion’s message of finding your life’s purpose, mixed with the band’s raw talent and country roots were enough to get the crowd dancing and then some.



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The Nashville recording artist is bursting onto the country scene, already receiving acclaim as a one of the 2017 CMA Emerging Artists. Runion and the band are touring northeast Ohio high schools performing for the Drug-Free Clubs of America chapters in our area to help promote a positive message to the students, while also bringing a fresh new sound to the public. Runion’s songs are mixed with a southern vibe and old-fashioned country rock music making their sound recognizable and appealing.

If you are looking for a memorable show, Catch Shane Runion on the next leg of his tour through northeast Ohio. He will be playing Thursday, March 22, 2018 in Wooster, OH and is sure to deliver another exceptional performance. Check out the Shane Runion Band for his newest singles and much more. Visit for more information on the Drug-Free Clubs of America.



Shane Runion Band Performs for Drug-Free Clubs of America

New Country Face Shane Runion Wows Drug-Free Clubs of America

An energetic crowd of country music fans gathered at Barberton High School this morning for a concert full of heart and also hope. Rising country music star, Shane Runion performed for the Drug-Free Clubs of America and wowed his audience Monday. Runion will be performing at a few high schools in northeast Ohio in hopes to inspire the youths. His message stretches beyond music genres and will resonate with all communities.

Runion is a Nashville recording artist and is rising as a fresh, new face in the country music scene. As a 2017 CMA Emerging Artist, Runion has already made a name for himself in the industry. With hits already making their way on to the European and Australian charts, this rising star is in for a promising career.

The next Shane Runion Band performance will be a private show for the Cuyahoga Falls High School chapter of Drug Free Clubs of America on March 20, 2018. For more information on the Shane Runion Band, go to ShaneRunion.Com. To learn more about opening a Drug-Free Clubs of America chapter go to, Febuary 13, 2018: A new tool for those in the fight against opioids

“I think back on all the resources we might have had at our disposal, and could one of them have made a difference.  You know, I think, this one could have made a difference. (Greg McNeil)

Spirit of Philanthropy

The Spirit of Philanthropy, November 2, 2017: Opioid Crisis Sparks Fight for Lives

“I want to offer families the education I wish we’d had. (Greg McNeil), October 26, 2017: NEO man who lost son to addiction reacts to Trump declaring opioid crisis ‘public health emergency’

“It’s a 90-day order,” he said. “This isn’t a 90-day problem. This is a long-term problem and hopefully the thought behind that is well ok, let’s get started, see how it goes and if we need to shift, in short order, to a national emergency, The Stafford Act, that’s what we do. (Greg McNeil), September 28, 2017: ADM Board Recognizes Trailblazers at Appreciation Luncheon

“Those honored with the Dr. Bob Smith Trailblazer award are known for offering hope and inspiring change in others. This year’s recipient is Greg McNeil which was presented by the 2016 recipient, Reba McCray.”, September 15, 2017: Our Epidemic: A Father’s Crusade

“The words just came out,” he says. “I told everyone that we know how Sam passed, and we’re going to do something. We’re going to make a difference.(Greg McNeil)”, August 23, 2017: Hear father’s tale of opioid tragedy – and what he learned from his late son

“Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend this forum and hear Greg McNeil talk about his own family’s struggle, what they have learned and how we can all be part of the solution to this crisis.(Rev. Charlotte Collins Reed)”

TEDx Akron: 2017 Speakers

Greg McNeil will be a speaker at the Akron TEDx 2017 event. Visit the site to see the full lineup of speakers this year. To see the Akron TEDx 2013: Forever Young, click here., June 21, 2017: Test strips could help drug users detect deadly fentanyl

“Fentanyl test strips could help drug users detect the presence of the deadly opioid in street drugs. Cuyahoga County agencies are exploring the possibility of providing them to drug users.(Greg McNeil)”, June 15, 2017: Local Dad wants different kind of drug test to battle opiate epidemic

“One expert talked about a program in New York using test strips to detect deadly fentanyl.  The user can check their own heroin to see if it’s laced with fentanyl which is 50 or more times stronger.  Fentanyl is blamed for the high spike in overdose deaths in Northeast Ohio. ”, June 07, 2017: A Grieving Father Helped Bring a New Model of Fighting Heroin Addiction to Summit County, and It Might Change Everything

“The McNeils are far from alone in this, both in facing the tragedy of losing a loved one and turning that grief into action. All over Ohio, grieving parents are committing in their own unique way to tackling the great public health crisis of our time.”, April 24, 2017: Don’t tell kids ‘Just Say No,’ they’re smarter than that

“Forget the days of telling teenagers to “Just Say No to Drugs.”It’s not the ’80s or the ’90s, and the kids aren’t hip to McGruff the Crime Dog — if they ever were.” Panel Discusses Opiod Epidemic, Grief

“The most common emotion under these circumstances is guilt, an emotion that causes someone who is grieving to blame themselves and others.”, April 20, 2017: Author ties together causes of opiate epidemic

“Award-winning journalist Sam Quinones laid out the case for what has led to unprecedented increases in addiction and deaths resulting from heroin and other opiates during a talk at the Akron-Summit County Main Library April 12.”, April 13, 2017: Opiate epidemic to be addressed at community event

“Coventry Local Schools will host an informative session on the opiate epidemic April 25 from 6 to 8 p.m. at Coventry High School, 1135 Portage Lakes Drive.

The event will begin with the chance for community members to visit resource tables from Summit Community Partnership, Greenleaf Family Center, Edwin Shaw Rehabilitation Center, Oriana House, Summit County DARE, Project DAWN, IBH Addiction Recovery Center, Cover2 Resources and Breaking Barriers-Hope is Alive, among other local organizations.”, April 13,2017: National author says communities must end isolation to cure heroin crisis

“The author of Dreamland: The True Tale of America’s Opiate Epidemic, was being interviewed by student Denton Cohen, 17, a junior, for a taping of the student-run Bulldog Buzz show. The show will be made into a video for YouTube and will be broadcast on Green station GCTV Channel 16.”, April 10, 2017: ‘Dreamland’ Author Sam Quinones Will Visit Akron on Wednesday

“The author comes to Northeast Ohio via Cover2 Resources, a relatively new Northeast Ohio organization that is raising awareness of the spiderwebbed network of realities now bolstering the epidemic. The McNeil family lost a son and brother, Sam McNeil, to a heroin overdose in October 2015 — nearly 10 years after an original prescription for pain medication led him toward an addiction.”, April 2, 2017: Munroe Falls quick response team to take on addictions

“According to a March 28 Summit ADM press release, Munroe Falls will be joining seven other Summit County communities that have formed teams to provide “community outreach to those who have experienced a recent overdose. Teams offer resources for overdose victims and their families, with the goal to offer hope and connect them to treatment.”, March 31, 2017: A City Club Discussion: Ohio’s Opioid Crisis

“We soon learned that Ohio has an opioid problem that has produced twice as many fatal overdoses as New York and three times as many as California. This might be due in part to the number of illegal pill mills here (which law enforcement has been successfully locating and shutting down as of late) and the fact that Ohio is so highway accessible.” “Know the Risks” campaign is critical in fighting Northeast Ohio’s opioid epidemic

The “Know the Risks” campaign is a collaborative effort among local agencies and organizations, production companies, hospitals and media outlets, including and The Plain Dealer. The campaign will include news coverage, public service announcements, commercials, print advertisements and social media outreach on the risks associated with prescription opioids.

Fox 8: Cuyahoga County officials announce campaign to raise opioid awareness

FOX 8 News is teaming up with other media outlets in Northeast Ohio for “Opioids: Know the Risks.”

Channel 19: Heroin epidemic: Campaign unveiled to fight opioid crisis

A new collaborative campaign for raising awareness and steps to combat the epidemic will be unveiled at the “Know the Risks” event.

The Chronicle, March 22nd, 2017: Overdose Survivors Cope With Loss

“Greg McNeil carries custom-made poker chips with him wherever he goes. When he meets a heroin addict or family member of an addict, he hands them one.”

Portman Senate, March 15th, 2017: In New Podcast, Portman Discusses Effort to Combat Heroin Epidemic

“During an interview recently taped for the PPT podcast series with Cover2 Resources based in Akron, Ohio, Senator Portman discussed his efforts to combat the heroin epidemic and provide relief to Ohioans suffering from the disease of addiction.”

Wadsworth Community Radio:

News 5 Cleveland, February 15th, 2017: Deadly Addiction Changes the Way Families Remember Loved Ones in Obituaries

“The deadly heroin crisis in our communities is changing the way victims’ families choose to remember their loved ones. Families are much more forthcoming about their cause of death. The number of death notices in Northeast Ohio that now contain the words addiction, heroin, and overdose is soaring.”

Akron Beacon Journal, February 10th, 2017: Group hopes to deter teen drug use with club that offers testing

“They were sick of the death and destruction in their neighborhood,” McNeil said. “They wanted to stop it before it starts. [They said] ‘Let’s go to schools.’ ”

Hudson Life, February 2017: Hudson Father Takes on Opioid Epidemic After Son’s Loss

“Many of us can take them without consequences. Others can’t. They’re opioids, aka painkillers, and they leave many patients with addictions that lead to heroin use and fatal overdoses.”, January 19, 2017: Green Quick Response Team to Address Heroin Abuse Almost Ready to Roll

“People look to us for help and we don’t like to say, ‘I don’t know.’ We had to do something more than leave a recovery packet behind,” said Daniel Meloy, administrator and director of public safety for Colerain Township, near Cincinnati. “If we make a home visit from three to five days after an overdose, there is an 80 percent higher chance that person will go into treatment.”, November 9, 2016: Overcoming Addiction

Nearly three decades into her own recovery, Anita Bradley ’95, founder of the Northern Ohio Recovery Association, is helping others get past their pain., January 2017: Sam’s Story – Read the full article starting on Pg. 72

“Through his podcasts, Greg is lobbying for continuous care for addicts so that the transition from treatment center to full recovery is as seamless as the medical care offered for other types of disease” Pg. 77 GenerationHerion

“Last year, 216 people died here of heroin-related overdoses — about one every other day. Many died in public places. Many died at home and were found by their parents and kids.”, December 22, 2016: Communities Forming New Response to Opioid Overdose Problems

“According to Meloy, last year the community saw a 35 percent drop in reported overdoses and has gotten 80 percent of those who overdosed into treatment. He added the Colerain team that visits these individuals once a week costs about $34,000 annually to operate.

McNeil added that area fire, police and social services agencies that participated in the workshop included those from Akron, Barberton, Cuyahoga Falls, Green, Hudson, Lakemore, Springfield, Shelby, Tallmadge, Twinsburg and Mansfield, as well as Portage and Richland counties.”

Los Angeles Times, November 18, 2016: Everything You Need to Know to Choose the Right Rehab

“Choosing an addiction treatment program for a loved one can literally be a matter of life or death — a decision impacting not only the patient, but also entire families or even communities. Yet few of us know what facets of treatment should factor into such a life-changing decision.”

Twinsburg Tribune

Twinsburg Tribune, December 2016: Twinsburg Business Owner Launches Opioid Education Nonprofit After Son’s Loss

Excerpt, Page 16: “Many of us can take them without consequences. Others can’t. They’re opioids, aka painkillers, and they leave many patients with addictions that lead to heroin use and fatal overdoses…”

Nordonia Hills The News Leader, Sept. 15, 2016: Cover2 Resources opioid abuse education kick-off event Oct. 15

Excerpt: “Through initiatives slated for this year, including a podcast series on people, places and things making a difference in the opioid epidemic, Cover2 Resources hopes to make a difference in Ohio in the growing opioid addiction problem.”

Palm Beach Post, Sept. 2, 2016: Grieving dad attacks heroin by arming families with ways to get help

Excerpt: “It started with an online obituary that explained how Sam, 28, died at home west of Boca Raton “from a drug overdose after losing an eight-year battle with addiction. If one person reads this and it stops them from going down the path of addiction, then his death was not in vain.’””

Akron Beacon Journal, Aug. 6, 2016: While wave of overdoses grips Summit County, grass-roots efforts to fight heroin thrive

Excerpt: “Meanwhile, the local family of a man who died of an overdose last year has formed a nonprofit organization with the goal of giving families the resources to help their addicted loved ones. The contacts offered by Greg McNeil and Cover2 Resources were not available to him before his son, Sam, died in October at age 28.”

ADAMHS Board Newsletter, July 2016: ADAMHSCC July 2016 Newsletter

Excerpt: “I was interviewed by Greg McNeil, founder of Cover2 Resources, a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to connecting families of opiate addicts with the resources they need to help a loved one conquer addiction. Mr. McNeil started Cover2 in honor of his late son Sam, who passed away from a heroin overdose. My full podcast interview about local resources is available on their website:”