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Ep. 98 – Pre-Booking Law Enforcement Treatment Program Making a Difference In Montgomery County, MD

Greg interviews Jac A. Charlier, the National Director for Justice Initiatives at TASC (Treatment Alternatives for Safe Communities) in Chicago, Illinois. Jac was instrumental in the creation of STEER […]

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Ep. 97 – Utilizing Personal Motivators to Overcome Addiction: Chris Wilkins, ACHESS Mobile Health

Greg interviews Chris Wilkins, the CEO of CHESS Mobile Health. CHESS aims to propagate mobile health resources that increase health service delivery system efficiency, provide users with a sense of control, […]

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Ep. 96 – Expanded Medicaid Coverage and Government Funding: Andrew Joseph, STAT

Greg interviews Andrew Joseph, a journalist at The Boston Globe affiliated STAT. STAT focuses on finding and telling compelling stories about health, medicine, and scientific discovery. As a general […]

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Ep. 95 – Mending Burnt Bridges and Building Support: Sheriff John Tharp, D.A.R.T.

Greg interviews John Tharp, a sheriff in Lucas County, Ohio, responsible for launching the Drug Abuse Response Team (D.A.R.T.). Founded in 2014, the D.A.R.T. program aims to make a […]

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Ep. 94 – Preparing Inmates for Outpatient Treatment after Prison: John Wetzel, PA Corrections

Greg interviews John Wetzel, Secretary of Corrections at the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections. Secretary Wetzel helped found a pilot program that combats substance abuse among inmates through the administration of Vivitrol […]

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Ep. 93 – Receiving Treatment Without Leaving Home: Megan Peterson, Telemedicine

Greg interviews Megan Peterson, the Executive Director of 2nd Chance Counseling Service. With over 15 years of counseling experience, Megan overseas telemedicine treatment for those suffering with substance abuse at 2nd […]

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Ep. 92 – Reclaiming Life Through Athletic Recovery: Scott Strode, Phoenix Multisport

Greg is joined by Jessica Nickel, the CEO and founder of the Addiction Policy Forum. Together, they interview Scott Strode, the CEO and founder of Phoenix Multisport—a unique recovery community teaching […]

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Ep. 91 – Why Hair Drug Tests are the Best Option: Dr. George Elder, Psychemedics

Greg interviews Dr. George Elder, the Vice President of Schools and Colleges for Psychemedics Corporation–the world leader in drug testing using hair follicles. After utilizing Psychemedics’ drug testing services as a […]

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Ep. 90 – Taking Small Steps Toward Recovery in Emergency Rooms: Michelle Harter, AnchorED

Greg interviews Michelle Harter, the Associate Director of Anchor Recovery Community Centers—a recovery support group, engaged in the building and development of recovery culture in Rhode Island. Michelle was also the […]

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Ep. 89 – Why the NFL Doesn’t Follow Prescription Drug Regulations: Rick Maese, The Washington Post

Greg interviews Rick Maese, a sports features writer for The Washington Post. The Washington Post has had an interest in football and the health and safety issues within the sport for […]

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