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Ep. 81 – Building a Firm Foundation to Fight Substance Abuse: Jessica Nickel, Addiction Policy Forum

Greg interviews Jessica Nickel, the Executive Director of the Addiction Policy Forum. The mission of the forum is to ensure that addiction is treated as a disease, elevate addiction awareness and […]

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Ep. 80 – What Makes Faith-Based Recovery Housing Work: Pastor Jerry O’Brien, Hebron Recovery Group

Greg interviews Pastor Jerry O’Brien, the Senior Pastor of Faith Harvest Fellowship of Wooster, Ohio and a Founder of the Hebron Recovery Group (HRG), a faith-based living facility of […]

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Ep. 79 – Making a Difference with a One-Man Task Force: Mike McRill, Sidney Police Department

Greg interviews Mike McRill, a Community Resource Officer from the Sidney Police Department located in Sidney, Ohio and a former middle school teacher. Desiring to do more for his community and live his […]

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Ep. 78 – How the Government Funds Substance Abuse Programs: Rob Portman, Ohio Senator

Greg interviews Rob Portman, a United States Senator from Cincinnati, Ohio. In September 1996, Senator Portman founded the Coalition for a Drug-Free Greater Cincinnati—now known as PreventionFIRST! The coalition’s purpose is […]

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Ep. 77 – How an App Helps Youth Stay Drug Free: Andy Duran, LEAD

Greg interviews Andy Duran, the Executive Director of LEAD (Linking Efforts Against Drugs). Founded in May 2012, LEAD is a drug prevention coalition based in Lake Forest/Lake Bluff, Illinois. Equipped with […]

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Ep. 76 – Bringing Prevention Programs to the Classroom: Kevin Lorson, OAHPRED

Greg interviews Kevin Lorson, the Professor and Program Director of the Health and Physical Education Program at Wright State University. He’s also the President of OAHPERD (The Ohio Association […]

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Ep. 75 – Why Harm Reduction Activities Don’t Increase Drug Abuse: Assemb. Rosenthal and Dr. Fox, SIF

Greg interviews two experts on Supervised Injection Facilities (SIF). SIFs are controlled healthcare settings, where people can safely inject drugs under clinical supervision. Currently, there are 98 SIF operations in 10 countries around […]

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Ep. 74 – After Dreamland Pt. 4: Recognizing an Unmet Need and Stepping Up, JoAnna Krohn

Greg interviews JoAnna Krohn, the Founder of SOLACE (Surviving Our Loss and Continuing Everyday). SOLACE is a non-profit organization that provides community for those who’ve lost a loved one to substance […]

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Ep. 73 – Substance Abuse Prevention Programs for Schools: Jeanne Whalen, The Wall Street Journal

Greg interviews Jeanne Whalen, the Deputy Bureau Chief of Health & Sciences at The Wall Street Journal. As a Deputy Bureau Chief of Health & Sciences, Jeanne writes stories that cover […]

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Ep. 72 – Choosing Recovery as an Alternative to Prison: Todd Popovich, Rutland Vermont Resident

Greg interviews Todd Popovich, a resident of Rutland, Vermont with first-hand experience of the opioid epidemic sweeping the area. Todd, now […]

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