Sentencing The Mastermind

Last February, I interviewed Evan Ratliff, author of The Mastermind. The book tells the story of how lone programmer Paul La Roux, built an online drug empire responsible for dumping millions of pain pills into the U.S. La Roux enticed hundreds of doctors to take part in his scheme and wasn’t caught until 2012. 

During my interview with Ratliff, he speculated on how La Roux’s cooperation with the government to bring down the people in his organization would affect his sentencing.

If you haven’t heard part 1 of my interview with Ratliff, click here to listen to episode 273.

Last month we finally got our answer, as La Roux went before Judge Ronnie Abrams for sentencing. Today, we revisit our story on The Mastermind and talk with Evan Rattliff about the bizarre twists in the La Roux proceedings. 

For more on the Paul Le Roux story, and the fate of the mastermind, join us on this week’s PPT podcast episode.

A head shot image of author Evan Ratliff