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    Cover2 Resources, Inc.

    On October 23, 2015 we lost our youngest son, Sam, to a heroin overdose. What began as an innocent prescription for pain pills following surgery ultimately led Sam down a path to opioid addiction. Just as the pieces of his life were beginning to fall into place, he was gone. As a family, we thought we had it covered but in the end we were ill-equipped to help Sam in his battle with addiction. We founded Cover2 Resources, a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit, with the mission to spread awareness, educate and advocate for those touched by the opioid epidemic.

    We named our nonprofit in memory of Sam and his love for football. He played defensive back on his high school football team. Cover2 is a popular defensive scheme utilizing an extra defensive back. More profoundly, the name Cover2 represents our hope for a different outcome for other families through the education and advocacy provided in our work.

    Our primary focus is the ongoing production of our podcast series about the People, Places and Things that are making a difference in the opioid epidemic. Each week we produce original stories incorporating interviews with experts on new and emerging issues related to the opioid epidemic.

    Cover2 Resources also conducts ongoing research to locate programs with a proven track record in fighting the opioid epidemic. The goal is to shine a spotlight on programs that can be replicated in communities throughout the country. Contact us to learn more about Cover2 Resources or call (330)-351-1328.