Our Favorite Episode from 2019: FDA Missteps that Helped Fuel Our Nation’s Health Crisis

In 2019 we released 45 new podcasts covering books from best-selling authors such as Dopesick from Beth Macy and American Overdose from Chris McGreal, to important developments such as the MDL and the J&J Oklahoma trial and people making headlines such as Joe Rannazzisi, former head of diversion control from the DEA. As I look back I realize how many amazing people, places and things we were lucky enough to profile on our series in 2019. The one that stood out for me, was episode 250, with Dr. Andrew Kolodny. Dr. Kolodny’ s candid insights into the policy missteps at the FDA that enabled an epidemic to grow out of control for over two decades were a revelation to me and I hope, for our listeners as well. So, as we close out 2019, we’re pleased to re-release an abbreviated version of our interview with Dr. Andrew Kolodny.

Today’s guest, Dr. Andrew Kolodny, is an authority on the opioid epidemic. As a Senior Scientist and, Co-Director of Opioid Policy Research at the Heller School for Social Policy and Management, Dr. Kolodny has a deep-rooted interest in public health.

He began his career working for the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, helping develop and implement multiple programs to improve health and save the lives of New York City citizens. These initiatives included: city-wide buprenorphine programs, life-saving naloxone overdose prevention programs and emergency room-based screenings, and brief interventions and referrals to treatment (SBIRT) programs for alcohol and drug misuse.

Using his expert knowledge and vast experience fighting the opioid epidemic, Dr. Kolodny guides us through the FDA’s missteps that helped fuel our nation’s worst health crisis in history.

Join us on today’s podcast as we uncover the mistakes that helped perpetuate a growing opioid crisis and the missed opportunities to keep it in check.