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Ep. 282 – The Impact of COVID-19 on the Opioid Crisis
Ep. 281 – A Safer Supply Saves Lives
Ep. 280 – When Keeping Secrets Costs Lives
Ep. 279 – Home Test Kits: DFCA’s Innovative Response to a Pandemic
Ep. 278 – Adapting Peer Recovery for a Pandemic
Ep. 277 – Rapid Changes to Opioid Treatment Driven by COVID-19
Ep. 276 – Strike Force Stops Flow of Illicit Opioids
Ep. 275 – Drug Czar Unpacks Our National Opioid Epidemic Strategy
Ep. 274 – Treatment Breakthrough: The ER Addiction Stabilization Unit
Ep. 273 – The Mastermind Behind the World’s Largest Online Drug Cartel
Ep. 272 – MOMS Plus: New Program to Lower NAS Rates
Ep. 271 – When No One Knows How to Taper Pain Pills
Ep. 270 – Insys Therapeutic Execs Sentenced: Will Doctors Be Next?
Ep. 269 – New MLB Drug Testing Policy Could Be a Game Changer
Ep. 268 – Rudy Giuliani & The Lost Opportunity to Make Them Pay
Ep. 267 – Our Favorite Episode from 2019: FDA Missteps that Helped Fuel Our Nation’s Health Crisis
Ep. 266 – Don’t Live in Denial, Ohio
Ep. 265 – Drug & Alcohol Prevention Targets At-Risk Personality Types
Ep. 264 – Beth Macy & Emily Martinez: Finding Tess
Ep. 263 – Deconstructing the Addicted Mind: Dr. Nicole Labor
Ep. 262 – Akron Film Brings Opioid Crisis to the Silver Screen
Ep. 261 – The True Cost of the Opioid Crisis
Ep. 260 – ResultsOhio: Funding Programs That Get Results
Ep. 259 – Unpacking the Settlement in the Ohio Bellwether MDL Case in Cleveland
Ep. 258 – Saving Lives from Opioid Overdoeses – Part 2: Harm Reduction
Ep. 257 – Saving Lives from Opioid Overdoeses – Part 1: The Naloxone Policy Discussion
Ep. 256 – The Data Big Pharma Doesn’t Want You to Know – Part 2
Ep. 255 – David Siegel & The Opioid Pandemic – Part 2
Ep. 254 – David Siegel & The Opioid Pandemic – Part 1
Ep. 253 – A Settlement in Memory of Those Lost to The Opioid Epidemic
Ep. 252 – Introducing a Community of First Responders (Everyone Has a Role!)
Ep. 251 – The Data Big Pharma Doesn’t Want You to Know – Part 1
Ep. 250 – The FDA Missteps that Fueled Our Nation’s Health Crisis
Ep. 249 – The First Agency to Sound the Alarm
Ep. 248 – Taking Recovery to the Streets
Ep. 247 – The Corrupting Influence of Purdue: WHO knew?
Ep. 246 – Lost Lives Lead to New Prevention Programs
Ep. 245 – Modern-day FDA, What’s New is Still Old
Ep. 244 – Big Pharma, “It’s the patients not the pills”
Ep. 243 – Part 2: Industry Influence and Intrigue
Ep. 242 – Profits Over People: FDA Opioid Drug Approvals, with Author Chris McGreal
Ep. 241 – Behind the Scenes of “Heroin’s Grip” a New Documentary, with Director Conrad Weaver
Ep. 240 – Uncovering Coverage Gaps & Understanding The ACA, with Lindsey Vuolo
Ep. 239 – Faith Communities Supercharging Recovery, with Dr. Monty Burks
Ep. 238 – Empowering Families Struggling with Opiod Addiction, with Roy Poillon
Ep. 237 – Understanding Purdue Pharma’s Settlement with Oklahoma
Ep. 236 – Preparing Future Physicians: How Dr. Elizabeth Gundersen Readies her Students for Future Ethical Challenges
Ep. 235 – “American Relapse:” A Behind the Scenes Look with Director/Executive Producer of Chilling New Documentary
Ep. 234 – Tragedy Transforms High School Counselor to Addiction Prevention and Recovery Activist
Ep. 233 – Crowd Sourced App Helps Build a Community of First Responders
Ep. 232 – Pharmaceutical Industry Wins with a Little Help from their Friends
Ep. 231 – “60 Minutes” Whistleblower Shares What Happened When Congress Sided with Industry Over an Agency
Ep. 230 – Diversion Out of Control: “60 Minutes” Whistleblower, Joe Rannazzisi Talks About What Went Wrong
Ep. 229 – Diversion Out of Control: “60 Minutes” Whistleblower, Joe Rannazzisi Talks About What Went Wrong
Ep. 228 – Pharmaceutical Company Exposed in Boston: A Conversation with Palm Beach Post Reporters Part 2
Ep. 227 – Landmark Racketeering Case Against Insys Therapeutics Brings Up A Familiar Story
Ep. 226 – Turning Tragedy into a Triumph: The Roanoke Valley Hope Initiative Story
Ep. 225 – Improbable Players Change the Conversation on Addiction Using Performance and Discussion
Ep. 224 – Dopesick: The Loss of a Son and One Parent’s Search for Answers – Part 5
Ep. 223 – Dopesick: Humanitarian Sister Beth Davies Inspires a Community to Take on a Giant – Part 4 — Scheduled
Ep. 222 – Dopesick: Bestselling Author Beth Macy Shares a New Approach to Recovery in Appalachia– Part 3
Ep. 221 – Dopesick: Bestselling Author Beth Macy’s Story of The Drug Company that Addicted America – Part 2
Ep. 220 – Dopesick: Bestselling Author Beth Macy’s Story of The Drug Company that Addicted America – Part 1
Ep. 219 – Why Opioid Overdose Rates Are Plummeting in Dayton
Ep. 218 – Pharmaceutical Company Adopts “Glengarry Glen Ross“ Sales Culture of Purdue Pharma
Ep. 217 – Removing Legal Barriers to Recovery at St. Vincent Charity Medical Center
Ep. 216 – ALTO, Lily’s Place and AnchorED Programs Highlight Supports in Opioid Bill H.R.6 – Part 2
Ep. 215 – Everything You Need to Know About Ohio Issue 1[updated]
Ep. 214 – Powerful PSA Aims to Stop Community from Living in Denial (Ohio) About Opioid Addiction
Ep. 213 – Analysts Breakdown Historic Opioid Bill H.R.6 Part 1
Ep. 212 – Rock Hall Inductee Shares His Story: Clean GetawayEp. 211 – Everything You Need to Know About Ohio Issue 1
Ep. 211 – Everything You Need to Know About Ohio Issue 1
Ep. 210 – What You Don’t Know About the Opioid Multidistrict Litigation in Cleveland, Ohio
Ep. 209 – Can Mathematical Modeling Reduce the Death Toll from the Opioid Epidemic?
Ep. 208 – There’s Help Finding Reputable Treatment Resources
Ep. 207 – USA Today Editor Shares Story of His Son’s Overdose to Help Others
Ep. 206 – The Nationwide Substance-Free Workplace Program Keeps Employees Protected
Ep. 205 – “American Fix” Author Ryan Hampton Profiles Addiction Across America
Ep. 204 – Highlights from the “Opioids: A Crisis Still Facing Our Entire Community” Conference Pt. 2
Ep. 203 – Highlights from the “Opioids: A Crisis Still Facing Our Entire Community” Conference Pt. 1
Ep. 202 – Drug Safe Hudson: Discreet, Confidential Help
Ep. 201 – Getting Treatment Guidelines in Sync with Insurance Coverage
Ep. 200 – Cover2 Celebrates 200th Episode on the “People, Places and Things” Podcast Series
Ep. 199 – Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD) Initiative Offers an Alternative to the Justice System
Ep. 198 – The “Pathways to Employment Program” Combats the Opioid Epidemic and Unemployment Rates
Ep. 197 – How the Packard Institute of Akron, OH Changed the Model of Recovery
Ep. 196 – A Network of Providers Collaborate and Transform Addiction Treatment in Ohio and Kentucky
Ep. 195 – Counterfeit Medications Being Sold Online Becomes a Global Threat
Ep. 194 – Former Nurse Shares Why Kratom is Part of Her Recovery Plan
Ep. 193 – Kratom: An Alternative to Opioids That, For Some, Is a Lifesaver
Ep. 192 – Has the Data on the Opioid Epidemic Been Distorted?
Ep. 191 – Admiral James “Sandy” Winnefeld Speaks on His Son Jonathon and the Devastation of Addiction
Ep. 190 – Using the Overdose Detection Mapping Application Program to Target the Opioid Epidemic
Ep. 189 – Robots Sample Wastewater to Determine the Scope of the Opioid Crisis in Cary, North Carolina
Ep. 188 – Policy Expert Highlights the Best New Laws to Fight the Opioid Epidemic
Ep. 187 – Edwins Leadership & Restaurant Institute Offers a Second Chance to Ex-Offenders
Ep. 186 – Why Chiropractors Could Change the Narrative in the Opioid Epidemic
Ep. 185 – Ken Daniels Speaks on the Harsh Reality of The Florida Shuffle
Ep. 184 – A Journey from Hollywood to Recovery Inspires Leader of Drug–Free Workplace Initiative
Ep. 183 – Opioid Addiction Can Happen to Anyone, Even a Doctor: Dr. Faye Jamali Shares Her Story
Ep. 182 – Palm Beach County State Attorney on Patient Brokering and “The Florida Shuffle”
Ep. 181 – Using Genetics to Treat Addiction with Dr. Howard Wetsman
Ep. 180 – Plant Manager Addresses Drug Addiction in Workplace Head On
Ep. 179 – Mayor’s Task Force to Combat the Opioid Epidemic in Philadelphia
Ep. 178 – Addiction and Sobriety with “My Fair Junkie” author, Amy Dresner
Ep. 177 – Expanding Naloxone Availability Throughout Our Country to Save Lives
Ep. 176 – How to Be a Respectable Junkie: Greg Vovos, Cuyahoga County Public Library in Parma
Ep. 175 – A Discussion with one of Time Magazine’s “Top 100 People Who Shape Our World” Dr. Nora Volkow
Ep. 174 – Cover2 Salutes First Responders and Recognizes First Responders Appreciation Week
Ep. 173 – Greg Interviews David Sheff, One of Time Magazine’s “Top 100 Most Influential People”
Ep. 172 – Part 5: A Cover2 Resources Podcast on the Showtime Docu-Series: “The TRADE” a front row seat to the opioid epidemic
Ep. 171 – PART 4: A Cover2 Podcast on the Showtime Docu-Series:“The TRADE” a front row seat to the opioid epidemic
Ep. 170 – PART 3: A Cover2 Podcast on the Showtime Docu-Series: “The TRADE” a front row seat to the opioid epidemic
Ep. 169 – Part 2: A Cover2 Podcast on the Showtime Series: “The TRADE”; a front row seat to the opioid epidemic
Ep. 168 – CMA Award winning Artist Shane Runion Concert Tour: DFCA Chapters in 38 School Districts
Ep. 167 – A Cover2 Podcast on the Showtime Series: “The TRADE”; a front row seat to the opioid epidemic
Ep. 166 – Darryl Strawberry, Former MLB Player, Author, Minister and Recovered Addict
Ep. 165 – COAT, Community Overdose Action Team in Montgomery, Ohio
Ep. 164 – Operation Resolve: Taking An Opioid Educational Initiative to the Workplace
Ep. 163 – New Government Anti-Drug Efforts With DEA360 Program: Sean Fearns, Chief of Community Outreach
Ep. 162 – Opioid Court Injected With Power to Save Lives, Part II: Judge Craig Hannah who presides over Opioid Court in Buffalo
Ep. 161 – Reform in Drug Court: Jeff Smith, thought leader and change agent from Buffalo
Ep. 160 – Beat the Odds Together: Daniel Meloy, Director of Public Safety Colerain Township
Ep. 159 – Building A Border Wall is Not the Solution: Nicole Lewis, Washington Post
Ep. 158 – The Cash Drive of the Treatment Industry: Dr. Alan Goodwin, Psychologist
Ep. 157 – Pharmaceutical Companies Price Gouge, No Government Oversight: Daniel Denvir, Fair Punishment Project
Ep. 156 – The Opioid Epidemic on a Brain Scan: Dr. Sandra Block, Buffalo Medical Group
Ep. 155 – Treatment Initiatives to Save Lives: Dr. Scott Weiner, Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Ep. 154 – A New Approach to Treating SUDs: Dr. Ann DiFrangia, Akron General Hospital
Ep. 153 – The Need for Urgency: Mike DeWine, Ohio Attorney General
Ep. 152 – Marshaling Resources to Combat an Epidemic: Nan Whaley, Mayor of Dayton
Ep. 151 – Rebecca Crowder, Lily’s Place
Ep. 150 – Smile Now, Cry Later Pt. II: Freddy Negrete, Hollywood Studio Artist
Ep. 149 – Smile Now, Cry Later: Freddy Negrete, Hollywood Studio Artist
Ep. 148 – State of Emergency Opens Command Center for Coordination: Ilene Shapiro, Summit County
Ep. 147 – Developing Better Tactics Pt.2: Clay Stamp, Opioid Operational Command Center
Ep. 146 – Developing Better Tactics Pt. 1: Clay Stamp, Opioid Operational Command Center<
Ep. 145 A Different Kind of Treatment Option – Matt Eacott, Aware Recovery Care
Ep. 144 – Understanding the Underlying Causes of Addiction and How Communities Can Address These Issues: Johann Hari, bestselling author of the book “Chasing the Scream”- Part 3
Ep. 143 – Making Data-Driven Decisions: Darshan Shah & Doug Huntsinger, State of Indiana
Ep. 142 – Understanding Where the Core of Addiction Treatment Lies: Johann Hari, bestselling author of Chasing the Scream. Part 2
Ep. 141 – Sourcing the Community: Michael H. Robertson, Somerset County Prosecutor
Ep. 140 – Treating Addicts NOT as Criminals: Johann Hari, bestselling author of the book Chasing the Scream, in the first of a three-part series
Ep. 139 – Rewiring the Brain: Dr. Jamie Marich, Institute of Creative Mindfulness
Ep. 138 – Interrupting the Cycle: Dr. Kathryn Hawk, Yale University’s Department of Emergency Medicine
Ep. 137 – Inspiration through Experience: Dawn Scherma & Tammy Laurer, Dawn’s Early Light.
Ep. 136 – An Internal Struggle Between the DEA and Congress: Lenny Bernstein, Washington Post
Ep. 135 – More Than Just Awareness: Katie Park, Matt Butler, & Jennifer Simpson, Ashtabula County
Ep. 134 – A Path to Change pt. II: Maurice Clarett, Athlete & Public Speaker
Ep. 133 – Life on Life’s Terms: Kristen Schenker, Glenbeigh
Ep. 132 – A Path to Change: Maurice Clarett, Athlete & Public Speaker
Ep. 131 – The Benefits of Vivitrol: John Stuckey, ARCHway Institute
Ep. 130 – Treating Opioid Addiction as a Medical Disorder, Not A Moral Failing: Dr. Darin Neven
Ep. 129 – Building A Border Wall is Not the Solution: Nicole Lewis, Washington Post reporter for the Fact Checker feature
Ep. 128 – Better Policy through Communication: Keary McCarthy, Mayors Alliance
Ep. 127 – State of Emergency: Dr. Jay Butler, Alaska Dept. of Health and Human Services
Ep. 126 – Mike Tobin, U.S. Attorney’s Office in Cleveland
Ep. 125 – Building Upon Proof: Gary Mendell, Shatterproof
Ep. 124 – Refusing to Keep Silent: Rene Elefteriou, B.A. FORCE
Ep. 123 – Providing New Options with SOAR: Mayor Michael Summers, Lakewood Ohio
Ep. 122 – Medicaid Expansion and Healthcare Reform: Lydia Ramsey and Jay Ruais, Healthcare Reform
Ep. 121 – A Direct Line to Treatment: Thom Olmstead, Orlando Howard, St. Vincent Charity Medical Center
Ep. 120 – A Doctor’s Playbook: Dr. Doug Nemecek, CIGNA
Ep. 119 – Increasing Pain Management Education: Dr. Phyllis L. Hendry, University of Florida
Ep. 118 – Fighting Misperceptions on Adolescent Substance Abuse: Dr. Sarah Friebert, Akron Children’s Hospital
Ep. 117 – (In)Dependent: The Heroin Project: Emelia Sherin, Kent State University
Ep. 116 – Closing the Loopholes – State Representative Jay Edwards: Ohio House District 94
Ep. 115 – Increasing Education on Over-Prescribing: Dr. Martin Klapheke, University of Central Florida
Ep. 114 – Building an Accessible Resource: Bill Ayars, The Emerald Jenny Foundation
Ep. 113 – Combating Coverage Denial: Lisa Landau, Health Care Bureau of NY
Ep. 112 – Helping a Community Help Themselves: Dr. Geoffery Capraro, Brown University
Ep. 111 – Supply vs. Demand: Dr. Shawn Ryan, BrightView Treatment Center
Ep. 110 – Trapped in a Cycle of Relapse: State Attorney Dave Aronberg, Palm Beach County
Ep. 109 – Uniting Faith and Community in Outreach: Rosalie Canfield, Hope Over Heroin
Ep. 108 – Removing Obstacles for Recovery: Capt. Park, Dr. Andric, & Dr. Schlosser, Palm Beach
Ep. 107 – A Community Effort: Bud Lytle, Chilicothe Police Department
Ep. 106 – Hub & Spoke, Creating a Continuum of Care: Barbara Cimaglio, Vermont Department of Health
Ep. 105 – Addressing Substance Abuse Trauma: LeeAnne Cornyn, Director of the Children’s Initiative
Ep. 104 – How to Be a Respectable Junkie: Greg Vovos, Dobama Theatre
Ep. 103 – Harm Reduction through Testing: Iqbal Sunderani, BTNX
Ep. 102 – Simplifying the Search for Providers: Tim Elliott, The Dalton Foundation
Ep. 101 – Bringing the Church into the Fray: Pastor Greg Delaney, Faith Collaborator
Ep. 100 – Rapid Detox and Recovery Retention: Wendy Komac, Luna Living
Ep. 99 – Digital Support on Demand: Brian Bailys, Ascent
Ep. 98 – Pre-Booking Law Enforcement Treatment Program Making a Difference In Montgomery County, MD
Ep. 97 – Utilizing Personal Motivators to Overcome Addiction: Chris Wilkins, ACHESS Mobile Health
Ep. 96 – Expanded Medicaid Coverage and Government Funding: Andrew Joseph, STAT
Ep. 95 – Mending Burnt Bridges and Building Support: Sheriff John Tharp, D.A.R.T.
Ep. 94 – Preparing Inmates for Outpatient Treatment after Prison: John Wetzel, PA Corrections
Ep. 93 – Receiving Treatment Without Leaving Home: Megan Peterson, Telemedicine
Ep. 92 – Reclaiming Life Through Athletic Recovery: Scott Strode, Phoenix Multisport
Ep. 91 – Why Hair Drug Tests are the Best Option: Dr. George Elder, Psychemedics
Ep. 90 – Taking Small Steps Toward Recovery in Emergency Rooms: Michelle Harter, AnchorED
Ep. 89 – Why the NFL Doesn’t Follow Prescription Drug Regulations: Rick Maese, The Washington Post
Ep. 88 – Bridging the Gap in Community Treatment: Chris Hickey, Safe Stations
Ep. 87 – Increased Border Screening to Keep America Fentanyl Free: Senator Sherrod Brown
Ep. 86 – Why Trauma Issues Need to Be Addressed Early: Joel Mowery, Mental Health & Recovery Board
Ep. 85 – How a Phone Service Acts Fast to Help Those in Need: Nick Bianco, WRC
Ep. 84 – Sticking with Christ for Total Transformation: Ken Hawkins, Really Recovered
Ep. 83 – How A Bottle of Water Became the Tipping Point: Rob Brandt, Robby’s Voice
Ep. 82 – Overcoming a Difficult Upbringing and Giving Back: Jessica Nickel, Addiction Policy Forum
Ep. 81 – Building a Firm Foundation to Fight Substance Abuse: Jessica Nickel, Addiction Policy Forum
Ep. 80 – What Makes Faith-Based Recovery Housing Work: Pastor Jerry O’Brien, Hebron Recovery Group
Ep. 79 – Making a Difference with a One-Man Task Force: Mike McRill, Sidney Police Department
Ep. 78 – How the Government Funds Substance Abuse Programs: Rob Portman, Ohio Senator
Ep. 77 – How an App Helps Youth Stay Drug Free: Andy Duran, LEAD
Ep. 76 – Bringing Prevention Programs to the Classroom: Kevin Lorson, OAHPRED
Ep. 75 – Why Harm Reduction Activities Don’t Increase Drug Abuse: Assemb. Rosenthal and Dr. Fox, SIF
Ep. 74 – After Dreamland Pt. 4: Recognizing an Unmet Need and Stepping Up, JoAnna Krohn
Ep. 73 – Substance Abuse Prevention Programs for Schools: Jeanne Whalen, The Wall Street Journal
Ep. 72 – Choosing Recovery as an Alternative to Prison: Todd Popovich, Rutland Vermont Resident
Ep. 71 – After Dreamland Pt. 3: A Biopsychosocial Approach to Substance Abuse, J. Merrick
Ep. 70 – After Dreamland Pt. 2: The Correlation Between Overdose Deaths and Prescriptions, Dr. Gay
Ep. 69 – After Dreamland Pt. 1: Portsmouth’s Prolific Pill-Mill Past, Lisa Roberts
Ep. 68 – When Kids Really Start Using Substances: Web and Mason, Hidden In Plain Sight
Ep. 67 – Vermont’s Compassionate Stance: Jennifer Levitz, Wall Street Journal
Ep. 66 – How a Company Reaped Billions at the Cost of Hundreds of Lives: Harriet Ryan, LA Times
Ep. 65 – The Growth of Addiction in Rural West Virginia: Eric Eyre, Charleston Gazette-Mail
Ep. 64 – Why Rural Americans are Falling to Diseases of Despair: Lenny Bernstein, Washington Post
Ep. 63 – A Day in the Life of a Heroin Addict: Needle Exchange Pt. 3
Ep. 62 – How to Support a Loved One in Early Recovery: Janis Beckett, Chemical Dependency Services
Ep. 61 – Building Student Peer Recovery Communities: Sarah Nerad, OSU Collegiate Recovery Community
Ep. 60 – Supporting Grassroots Opioid Initiatives: Jennifer Biddinger, Director of Drug Abuse Outreach
Ep. 59 – Students Coming Together to Say No to Drugs: Drug Free Clubs of America
Ep. 58 – Creating a Heartfelt Preventative Effort for Adolescents: Angie Ferguson, DFCA Part One
Ep. 57 – Digging up the Roots of America’s Opioid Epidemic: Sam Quinones, Dreamland
Ep. 56 – Drug Free Advocacy through Music and Story: Awaken Project
Ep. 55 – Alieving Pain Without Opioids: Dr. Mark Rosenberg, ALTO
Ep. 54 – Stopping Substance Abuse via Random Drug Testing: Administrative Team, Lacey Schools
Ep. 53 – Overcoming Tragedy and Giving Back: Greg McNeil, Cover2 Resources
Ep. 52 – What to Expect Going into Outpatient Recovery: Dr. Brian Welsh, Coleman Medical Health
Ep. 51 – Bringing the Treatment to the People: Ricardo Tull, Street Teams
Ep. 50 – Partnering with PAARI to Save Lives: Sergeant Pat Greenhill, PAARI Part Two
Ep. 49 – The Changing Face of Addiction: Orlando Howard, Outpatient Services
Ep. 48 – Reaching the Recovery Community Through Music: Garrett Hart, Rock and Recovery
Ep. 47 – Helping Those Addicted to Another’s Addiction: Michael, Nar-Anon Member
Ep. 46 – Putting Naloxone in Every Medicine Cabinet: Mark O’Brien, Staying Alive
Ep. 45 – Treating Addiction as a Neurological Disease: Dr. Nicole Labor, Summa Healthcare
Ep. 44 – Let’s Start Talking to Kids about Addiction: Tracy Plouck, Ohio MHAS
Ep. 43 – Going Door to Door in Butler County: Jennifer Mason, Fort Hamilton Hospital
Ep. 42 – Knowing When Addicts Are Ready for Suboxone: Minda Jaramillo, Director of Behavioral Health
Ep. 41 – Genetic Testing Reveals Overdose Threshold: Dr. Jeanette Moleski, Addiction Specialist
Ep. 40 – Creating a Safe Space with SPOT: Dr. Jessie Gaeta, Boston Health Care
Ep. 39 – How Overprescribing Can Lead to Addiction: Troy Gahm, Gahm’s Pharmacy
Ep. 38 – How Drug Court Encourages Recovery: Judge Thomas Teodosio, Summit County
Ep. 37 – Equipping Summit County with Narcan: Jerry Craig, Executive Director ADM Board
Ep. 36 – Benefits of Vivatrol MAT: Allyse Adams, Clinical Administrator
Ep. 35 – Community Housing Options for Recovering Female Addicts: Erin Helms, Woodrow Project
Ep. 34 – The New Wave of Drug Law Enforcement: Mayor Dan Horrigan, Akron OH
Ep. 33 – Getting Addicts the Help They Need: Donna Skoda, Public Health Commissioner
Ep. 32 – Getting Sober in Prison and Staying Sober: Nicole Argenio, Recovery Coach
Ep. 31 – How Arrest Can Lead to Addiction Recovery: Captain Michael Shearer, Akron Police Department
Ep. 30 – Championing Addiction: Nicole Walmsley, Police Assisted Recovery and Addiction Initiative
Ep. 29 – Break the Stigma of Addiction: Travis Bornstein, Founder of Breaking Barriers
Ep. 28 – Good Samaritan Law Follow-up: Robert Sprague, Ohio State Representative
Ep. 27 – Treating the Opioid Disorder: Dr. Christina Reyes, Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Addiction
Ep. 26 – Finding Hope in the Darkness: Ted St. John, Director of Operations First Step Recovery
Ep. 25 – Beat the Odds Together: Daniel Meloy, Director of Public Safety Colerain Township
Ep. 24 – Speak Up to Save a Life: Wayne Campbell, President of Tyler’s Light
Ep. 23 – Voicing the Silent Epidemic: Dr. Gary Martin, Former Detective and Founder of NOPE
Ep. 22 – Treating Addiction Comprehensively: Dr. Brown, Chief Medical Officer Meridian HealthCare
Ep. 21 – Working Together to Fight Heroin Overdoses: Gordon Merry, Cabell County EMS Director
Ep. 20 – Reading the Signs of Addiction: Detective Piatchek, Palm Beach County Sheriff Dept.
Ep. 19 – The Need for a New Ethics of Prescribing: George Loucas, Loucas Law
Ep. 17 – Choosing Recovery Housing: Denny Wilson, F I Community Housing
Ep. 15 – Good Samaritan Overdose Law: Robert Sprague, Ohio State Representative
Ep. 14 – Detox Is Just The Beginning: Bill Denihan, ADAMHSCC
Ep. 13 – When They’re Ready To Get Help: Lori Criss, OH Council of Behavioral Health & Family Svcs
Ep. 12 – What Portsmouth Teaches Families of Addicts: Ed Hughes, The Counseling Center
Ep. 11 – Fending Off Relapse: Interview with Tom Stuber, LCADA Way
Ep. 10 – How Narcan Is Saving Lives: Interview with Emily Metz, Project DAWN
Ep. 9 – Helping Your Addicted Child Get Treatment: Interview with David Sigal, LOUD Life
Ep. 8 – Season 2 Preview
Ep. 7 – Dr. Tom Gilson, Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner
Ep. 6 – Chico Lewis & Roger Lowe, Needle Exchange, Part Two
Ep. 5 – Chico Lewis & Roger Lowe, Needle Exchange, Part One
Ep. 4 – Robin Star, Family Addiction Coach
Ep. 3 – Judge David T. Matia, Cuyahoga County Drug Court
Ep. 2 – Bill Gilliland, Treatment Alternatives (Boca House)
Ep. 1 – Cover2 PPT Podcast Series