Greg interviews Wendy Komac, the CEO and Founding Partner of Luna Living, and Justin, who is currently a patient in recovery. Luna Living is an accredited partial hospitalization and outpatient facility for substance abuse disorders and outpatient mental health care. They aim to treat substance abuse disorders by addressing chronic brain diseases in an organic and compassionate atmosphere.

Greg asks Wendy about what makes the Luna Living program unique and what advantages their system has versus other treatment centers. Wendy explains that Luna Living’s program works to make those suffering from substance abuse feel better faster, which helps them to stay on track during recovery.  “The Luna Living ecosystem has been uniquely designed to resource the brain and body, putting individuals into a position where they feel well quickly, which then allows them to do much better as they move through their treatment program.” She expands that they first aim to rid the body of all toxic materials, by using a substance called NAD (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide), which is a coenzyme that already exists in the body.

They provide this through an IV over a five day period to help clear out the system and reduce cravings. “Those first five days you are going through a full medical detox. The advantage of NAD is it reduces detox symptoms pretty significantly. As a result of that, when people feel better they just do better… One of the things that’s unique to our program is that we’re outpatient. People always say to me, ‘why would people come back every day?’ But they come back actually, because they feel well and they make it through the night. They’ll leverage their own well-being to make a trip in the next day then.”

Listen to the podcast to discover how Luna Living combines their use of NAD with counseling and psychodrama to help individuals in recovery survive outside of the program.