Greg interviews Brian Bailys, the founder of Ascent, which specializes in connecting peer recovery coaches with those in recovery through a smart phone app. Together they speak with David, one of Brian’s client’s that’s currently in recovery and using the Ascent mobile app.

Greg asks David about his experience with the app and how it’s impacted and aided in his recovery. David explains that the app’s easy usage and the availability of the coaches has been a large part of his rehabilitation. “The mobile app is a great idea because nowadays everybody’s always on the phone. And through this app… these sober coaches, they really care about you. Whether or not you’ve met them face to face, they really do care. They’re there if you need them, they’re there if you want them. And they’ll check up on you through the week just to make sure – ‘Hey, I haven’t heard from you. How’s everything going? Anything you need help with?’ – ‘Well, I don’t know where the groceries are for the weekend.’ – And Chris, my sober coach, he will do what he can to find out ‘okay, here’s what we can do for you. Here’s who you can call.’ So for anybody who’s struggling with anything, they’re there to help. They will do everything they can. Maybe the person on the other line isn’t comfortable, or doesn’t know where to find the resources, so Chris will do the legwork and put you in where you need to go.”

Listen to the podcast to discover how Ascent utilizes user data through journaling and surveys to keep track of treatment and prevent users from relapsing.