In late 2013, many of Northeast Ohio’s leading institutions joined forces to formulate a Community Action Plan, a document to serve as a master plan for communities as they move forward in their fight against the opioid epidemic. The Action Plan was divided into four categories which eventually morphed into four subcommittees: Education and Prevention, Healthcare Policy and Treatment; Law Enforcement; and Data and Analysis. This group that formulated the Action Plan continued to meet every month as part of what became known as the U.S. Attorney’s Heroin and Opioid Task Force.

In the first episode of this two part series, Greg shares highlights from the conference that was held in Cleveland on September 6th called “Opioids: A Crisis Still Facing Our Entire Community” where the group reconvened to review their progress and revise the Community Action Plan.

Listen to today’s podcast to learn about the innovative programs that are making a difference in the opioid epidemic here in Northeast Ohio.