On our last podcast we interviewed Azeen Ghorayshi who wrote an in-depth article for Buzzfeed titled “Meet the ‘Kratom Warriors’ Who Say This Plant Will End the Opioid Epidemic”. In today’s podcast we talk with Courtney True, whose story was profiled by Ms. Ghorayshi.  In this interview, Ms. True shares her story and how she happened to incorporate kratom into her recovery plan to help curb opioid withdrawal symptoms and stay clean. True credits her recovery, and her family’s recovery to using this plant.

Ms. True is one of millions of people who have found Kratom helps keep opioid cravings at bay and gives them a shot at recovery. There are, however, a number of downsides to Kratom such as: No studies have been done on its long term health effects and there is a possibility the DEA will schedule it as a Schedule 1 banned substance.

Listen to this episode as Ms. True discusses the benefits of using Kratom and how, through trial and error, she found the right dosage of this herb to help her fight opioid addiction.