Greg interviews Dr. George Elder, the Vice President of Schools and Colleges for Psychemedics Corporation–the world leader in drug testing using hair follicles. After utilizing Psychemedics’ drug testing services as a school Headmaster back in 2005, Dr. Elder became a leader in the advocacy of school drug testing.

Greg asks Dr. Elder why, back in 2005, he made the decision to drug test his school. Dr. Elder explains how he taught his kids the problems of drug abuse. However, he says he continued to face problems with his students and the families in his school after educating them on the issues. Dismayed at the lack of progress, he decided to do some research. He shares what he found and why he’s now an advocate of hair drug testing. “I found that there wasn’t much respect for urine testing, because it only has a three-day window of detection.” says Dr. Elder. “Meanwhile, hair testing has a three-month window of detection…It’s easy to stop using for three days, but it’s hard to stop using for three months.”

Listen to the podcast to discover the difference between public schools and private schools when it comes to drug testing.

Elder Portrait