Greg interviews Jessica Nickel, the Executive Director of the Addiction Policy Forum. The mission of the forum is to ensure that addiction is treated as a disease, elevate addiction awareness and improve national policy through a comprehensive response. Jessica has been an advocate for those suffering from substance abuse for 26 years.

Greg asks Jessica to share more about her role at Addiction Policy Forum and what her focus is at the forum. She says that Addiction Policy Forum is about uniting the six pillars of response: prevention, treatment, recovery support, overdose reversal, law enforcement and criminal justice reform. She goes on to explain that the forum goes through seasons of focusing on one pillar and why that’s bad. “The reality is, if we’re going to do better for our families, the foundation for response needs to be built on all of [the pillars] not just one,” says Jessica. “Otherwise, we’re not building the sturdy table that’s necessary for [our response] to work.”

Listen to the podcast to discover more about the Addiction Policy Forum and its programs, including one called: Program Technologies and Innovation Addressing Addiction.