Greg interviews Pastor Jerry O’Brien, the Senior Pastor of Faith Harvest Fellowship of Wooster, Ohio and a Founder of the Hebron Recovery Group (HRG), a faith-based living facility of Millersburg, Ohio. Pastor O’Brien has ministered on Christian broadcast programs like the 700 Club, Tri-State Christian Television (TCT) and Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) alongside the likes of Rod Parsley, Richard Roberts, Benny Hinn, Steve Munsey and James Payne. He’s also the former host of a radio show in Canton, Ohio and a frequent guest on Ask the Pastor.

Greg asks Pastor O’Brien about how he got involved with Hebron Recovery Group. Pastor O’Brien answers by explaining why the faith-based living facility was a necessary solution to the community’s struggle with substance abuse. He goes on to explain the recovery program style at Hebron Recovery Group and why it’s successful. “We use a scriptural foundation and bring [individuals in recovery] through a 12-step program,” says Pastor O’Brien, “We take the [12-step program] and combine it with the Biblical principles for discipling…Once the client leaves the recovery living facility, we send them to the church of their choice with a pre-existing recovery program for ongoing support.”

Listen to the rest of the podcast to hear Pastor O’Brien discuss recovery churches and his vision for church support teams within the community.