Greg interviews Mike McRill, a Community Resource Officer from the Sidney Police Department located in Sidney, Ohio and a former middle school teacher. Desiring to do more for his community and live his passion for law enforcement, he joined the Sidney Police Department in 2000. After becoming the Community Resource Officer in 2014, Officer McRill revived the program by reaching out to citizens and businesses to gauge what was needed within the Sidney community.

A little over a year ago, Officer McRill led an effort to create an opioid response team—modeled after D.A.R.T. The team consists of one member, Officer McRill himself. Greg asks about the origins of the one-man team and how it works. Officer McRill explains that that as a Community Resource Officer, he’s meant to be out in the public in a non-traditional way. He goes on to describe his duties within the opioid response team. “I use our database of calls for service made and reach out to those individuals on the list,” says Officer McRill. “I visit the victim of the overdose within the week, if I can…I sit down with [the victim] and go over the list of counseling centers and substance abuse meetings in town.”

Listen to the podcast to hear more about how Officer McRill gives back to the community and how he became equipped for the one-man task force.