Greg interviews Capt. Houston Park, Dr. Belma Andric, and Dr. Marc Schlosser about their work on a new Subxone pilot program in Palm Beach, Florida.  The program, modeled after a similar program at Yale-New Haven Hospital in Connecticut, involves a five step process to help those suffering from opioid use disorder get into treatment.

Greg asks all three program leaders about how their pilot program works to get and keep patients in treatment. Capt. Houston explains that the program begins after a patient has overdosed and is in the hospital. “What we do is, we… wait and let the emergency room physician evaluate the patients and determine if they [are] 1.) willing to get help and 2.) if they would be willing to participate in a pilot program that we were doing in cooperation with JFK hospital in the University of Miami in Florida. Once we get a patient to agree and they meet the requirements, our team of paramedics and peer counselors go meet the individuals in the hospital and discuss our plan with them.” He states that the program is relatively straightforward.  “We set up a schedule and follow up with treatment for the patient over the next 8 days. We literally go to their home every single day at a predesignated time with the peer group counselors and evaluate them to see where they are in their withdrawal state.”

Listen to the podcast to discover how these Suboxone doses coupled with peer counseling is acting as an on ramp for treatment for those suffering from substance use disorder in Palm Beach County, Florida.