Drug & Alcohol Prevention Targets At-Risk Personality Types

For years now, schools across the U.S. have been striving to implement more effective drug abuse prevention and education programs to protect adolescents from alcohol & drug abuse.

However, despite investing millions of dollars into prevention programs such as D.A.R.E and Nancy Reagan’s “just say no” campaign, recent studies have revealed they’ve been largely ineffective.

In fact, some of the programs intended to prevent drug use, have been known to trigger use in teens with certain personality types.

PreVenture, an innovative evidence-based program that identifies at-risk teens through personality-based screening, has been gaining worldwide momentum. Bay Middle School, in Northeast Ohio, began rolling out the PreVenture program during the 2018-2019 school year. Last month, we sat down with the team of educators who introduced the program in Bay Village.

Joining us today to share their experience with PreVenture, is Bay Village Middle School Principal Aaron Ereditaro, Bay Middle School Teacher Chris Mullarkey, and former Bay Village High School Principal Jim Cahoon.

Together, we take a deep-dive into how the PreVenture program was selected, rolled out, and what’s in store for the next phase of this ground-breaking prevention program at the Bay Middle School.

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