Earlier this year, Greg interviewed bestselling author Beth Macy in a series on her book, Dopesick: Dealers, Doctors, and the Drug Company that Addicted America. It’s a compelling account of the opioid epidemic in our country and profiles the twenty-plus year history of the opioid crisis as it emerged in the state of Virginia.

Recently, he caught up with Beth to talk about her latest project, Finding Tessthe story of Tess Henry, a young mother in her 20’s doing her best to recover from heroin addiction for her son.

In November, Beth and her producer, Emily Martinez, released an Audible Original podcast series portraying Tess’ graphic struggle against heroin addiction in obscure parts of Las Vegas.

Join us for the return of bestselling author of Dopesick, Beth Macy, and Audible Originals producer Emily Martinez, as they introduce us to Finding Tess, their five-part podcast series sharing the last days of a young mother’s life as she battles heroin addiction on the Las Vegas streets.

Tess Henry’s story is well worth your time. If you want to listen to it, click the link here.