Ep. 199 – Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD) Initiative Offers an Alternative to the Justice System

We’ve profiled many programs designed to get people the help they need. From the QRT teams in Colerain, Ohio, to the DART program in Toledo, the PAARI program from Gloucester, Massachusetts, Safe Stations in Manchester, New Hampshire and AnchorED in Providence, Rhode Island. The goal of each of these programs is to get people get into treatment. But what if they’re not ready? Today Greg interviews Brendan Cox, the Director of Policing Strategies for LEAD (Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion), a program that begins before someone is ready for treatment.

L.E.A.D offers multiple support services, including transitional housing or even drug treatment, to offenders to get them on a guided path towards behavioral change. This form of treatment is in response to various public health issues, such as untreated mental illness, addiction, poverty and homelessness. In loosening the dependence on the justice system, programs such as LEAD have increased the effectiveness of treatment and provided additional opportunities to individuals that previously they may not have had.

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