Ep. 63 – A Day in the Life of a Heroin Addict: Needle Exchange Pt. 3

Greg makes a return visit to the Cuyahoga County Needle Exchange truck to interview clients. You can listen to his other Cuyahoga County Needle Exchange podcast here. Greg interviews three clients: Rick, Ray, and Danny. Each has a unique story of the increasingly isolated worlds of substance abuse in which they live.

Rick, aged 63, has been struggling with substance abuse since the age of 14. He says he’s tried every form of substance abuse treatment possible, but hasn’t been able to kick the chronic disease of addiction. He explains how he still has hope for the future. “I just got a couple of Suboxone strips,” says Rick. “Hopefully tomorrow I’ll start the Suboxone, because it helps take away some of the pain.”

Ray, aged 58, has been struggling with substance abuse since the age of 18. He says he started using opioids after he was involved in a bad car accident. He explains that he uses heroin as a form of desperation. “I can’t find a doctor that will give me anything for pain, because I’m an addict,” says Ray. “I know I can easily get [heroin], for pain relief, on the street.”

Listen to the podcast to hear Danny’s story and more about the lives of these three gentlemen.


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  1. Barbara January 21, 2017 at 7:49 pm - Reply

    I find it so sad that people seem to think that this type of lifestyle is OK for them. Don’t they have hopes and dreams for their future? This sickness has destroyed so much, and I wish I had THE ANSWER – I really do!!

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