In today’s podcast we revisit Greg’s interview with Washington Post reporter Nicole Lewis. In 2017, Nicole wrote an article in response to President Trump’s claims that drugs would stop pouring into the country if a border wall was built. She begged to differ. “A wall won’t stop them – flat out, wrong.”

As Nicole reveals, there other methods of entry in far greater use; from 70 feet deep tunnels to loaded cars and drones that are able to bypass legal points of entry. She also points out how the cost cited for the wall is highly inaccurate. Drugs are penetrating the country on a more micro level and the problem is far more complex than the oversimplification that building a wall suggests. As she notes: “People are desperate for solutions. So many lives have been lost…it can feel like no one is doing anything to help.” Still, the wall is not the answer, she says.

Listen to the podcast to discover how the issue of drugs finding their way into the U.S. will not be solved by the construction of any variety of border wall and what can be done instead.