On October 24, 2018, President Trump signed The Support for Patients and Communities Act or H.R.6. into law. This podcast is the second part of our series on this historic piece of legislation.

H.R.6 includes support for three successful programs we have featured on earlier podcasts in our series. On today’s show, we’ll revisit our ALTO, Lily’s Place and AnchorED programs to highlight how each of these successful programs got started and how they are making a difference in the opioid epidemic.

On today’s podcast, you’ll hear how H.R.6 promotes the ALTO program, that’s alternatives to opioids, a program developed at St. Joseph Healthcare in Patterson New Jersey. 75% of patients at St. Joseph Healthcare have said their pain has been managed effectively without the use of opioids. Listen to excerpts from that episode on today’s podcast or go to the original podcast on ALTO with Dr. Rosenberg from December 2016 to hear more.

We will also revisit our show on neonatal abstinence syndrome and Lily’s Place , an organization dedicated to treating babies that are born with NAS by providing medical care for these newborns suffering from NAS and instruction on their specialized care requirements for mothers . You can also hear more information from the original Lily’s Place podcast from December 2017.

Also featured in this episode is a program called AnchorED which connects overdose victims in the ED to certified recovery coaches. These coaches provide encouragement and connect patients to the help they need for their recovery. Tune into today’s episode to hear excerpts from our AnchorED episode or listen to our entire AnchorED program from April 2017.