Improbable Players is a collection of touring theater troupes with a powerful message. Forming in Boston, the organization formed in 1984 and is a form of evidence-based prevention education. They use workshops and performances to address and educate the audience on addiction, opioids and alcoholism. The workshops give students the tools to combat social pressures and find coping strategies that work best for them. The shows are performed by real people in recovery and share true stories of those who have battled addiction.
The podcast today features Karen Snyder, the Cleveland Regional Director, as well as Chris Everett Hussey and Andy Short. They are the Co-Directors of the Boston troupe. Typically, after each performance, the actors get an opportunity to engage with the audience and have a talk. During this time the actors will share their stories and open up about their experiences and where they’ve come from. Each show is suitable for young audiences in 6th grade and up. Hear more about the ways that the Improbable Players are fighting the stigma of addiction and educating audiences around the New England region. Catch them at conferences, treatment centers and even community events happening near your hometown.