Greg learns about a new Drug Enforcement Agency program, DEA360, in an illuminating conversation with Sean Fearns, the chief of community outreach. He describes how the programming takes a comprehensive approach to breaking the cycle of drug trafficking, drug violence and drug abuse. DEA360 was first introduced in 2015 with a pilot program in Pittsburgh.

The discussion reveals how DEA360’s Office of Diversion Control is partnering with doctors, pharmacists, drug manufacturers and distributors to ensure that medical needs are being met, but no more medicine is available than what is required. This is possible because, in addition to being a law enforcement agency, the DEA is a regulatory organization, Fearns explains.

Join Greg as he also learns about the pilot programs that DEA360 has introduced in key cities nationwide where the opioid crisis is most severe.  He also explores Operation Prevention, a mission to educate students about the true impact of opioids and to kick start conversations in the home and classroom. Resources are available at and at