Greg interviews Todd Popovich, a resident of Rutland, Vermont with first-hand experience of the opioid epidemic sweeping the area. Todd, now in recovery, has struggled with substance abuse disorder in the past. He plans to graduate from his recovery program in two weeks, on February 23. He shares more about his past struggle and the current tragic epidemic in Rutland.

In a recent Wall Street Journal article, Jennifer Levitz interviews Todd about his struggle and the profound hope he’s found through a new recovery program. The program allows low-level offenders, like Todd, to choose to participate in recovery and other preventative services rather than going to prison. Todd explains what the program has done for him and why he feels like he’s winning. “I’ve been beat down and owned by [substance abuse disorder] for so long,” says Todd. “I’m not going to be owned by it anymore.”

Listen to the podcast to discover what’s being done to fight the devastating epidemic in Rutland.