Greg interviews Dr. Joe Gay, a Clinical Psychologist, Licensed Chemical Dependency Professional and the Executive Director of Health Recovery Services in Athens, Ohio. He also worked with Sam Quinones on his highly-acclaimed book Dreamland. This episode is Part Two in a series of podcasts that will explore life after Dreamland for those who helped Sam with his book.

Dr. Gay explains the correlation between overdose deaths and opioids prescribed. He conducted his own correlation coefficient, with two variables: overdose deaths and prescriptions. He discusses his findings. “If the two variables are closely related, you get a correlation coefficient close to one,” says Dr. Gay. “You very rarely see a correlation close to one or minus one…The correlation between prescribing and per capita death rate was .979; almost a perfect correspondence.”

Listen to the podcast to discover how Dr. Gay got involved with Sam’s book and what he believes the future holds for the opioid epidemic.