Greg interviews Senator Sherrod Brown, the senior United States Senator for Ohio. Prior to his election to office in 2007, Senator Brown served as a United States Representative for Ohio’s 13th Congressional District. He also has prior experience as the Ohio Secretary of State, teaching in Ohio’s public schools and working on his family’s farm in Mansfield, Ohio. Greg and Senator Brown discuss America’s opioid epidemic and the work that’s being put forth to prevent future overdoses.

Greg discusses how China is fueling America’s fentanyl crisis. He asks Senator Brown the details of his new bipartisan legislation. Senator Brown begins by discussing how damaging fentanyl has been for so many citizens, especially young people, in the United States. He describes how his proposed legislation would help keep America fentanyl free. “The problem is that we don’t have enough equipment or resources at the border to properly check for incoming fentanyl,” says Senator Brown. “With this legislation, we can scale up detection and inspection at the border…We need to attack this [problem] in a lot of ways and this is one of them.”

Listen to the podcast to discover Senator Brown’s future prospects for passing this legislation.

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