One of the many issues that voters will be deciding on this fall is Ohio Issue 1. This issue reduces drug possession to a misdemeanor. Currently classified as a felony, this would significantly reduce sentencing and eliminate jail time in some instances. Some say this could keep 10,000 people out of Ohio prisons but opponents of Issue 1 say it would actually be close to half of that. Out-of-state billionaires are actually backing Issue 1, including Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan.

If Issue 1 passes, it will convert felony 4 and felony 5 drug possession and drug use crimes to only misdemeanors. No jail time will be served for first and second offenders within a 24-month period. It will put the money saved from the lower prison numbers into treatment programs and crime victim programs as well.

To help us unpack the many controversies behind Issue 1, we welcome Judge David Matia, Common Pleas Judge from Cleveland, Tom Stuber, CEO of the LCADA Wellness & Recovery Way and Bishara Addison, Senior Manager of Policy and Strategic Initiatives from Towards Employment. Hear all sides of the issue and how your vote can help make an impact this fall.