In 2017, it was recorded that Dayton, OH had one of the highest rates of overdoses in the entire country. By November of last year, Montgomery County Ohio, which is anchored by Dayton had already seen 548 overdose deaths. However, in 2018 there have only been 250 total deaths which is a reduction of 54% from last year. To determine what caused these numbers to drop so drastically, the New York Times spent several days investigating Dayton. They conducted interviews with public health officials, police, doctors, nurses and other treatment providers to see what Dayton has done to cut their overdose rate in half. The New York Times profiled many of these success stories in their article.

Today’s episode features some of these programs that have made a difference in Dayton. Greg spoke with Dr. Mary Huber who helped found Conversations for Change. This is an event held every other month which provides people with a meal and an opportunity to meet with treatment providers. Hear more of this and other game-changing programs are doing for Dayton and how they can help save lives today.