The opioid epidemic has devastated our country claiming many loved ones along the way. Back in November of 2017, Bill Sternberg, USA Today editorial page Editor, lost his son Scott to an overdose. Through his grief, Bill decided to share Scott’s story in an attempt to help spread awareness and possibly help others struggling with this disease.

Scott was prescribed a 30-day prescription for opioids coming off an emergency surgical procedure. Although it was considered common practice, this is, unfortunately many people’s introduction to opioids and can often start them down the path of addiction. Scott, like many others, lost his battle with opioids shortly after.

Greg joins Bill as the two of them discuss many of the obstacles that people face when battling this disease. One of the largest hurdles is to break the stigma behind addiction and avoiding dangerous clichés, such as “hitting rock bottom.” Hear Greg and Bill discuss how the epidemic has evolved and various steps our country has taken to combat the crisis.