Greg interviews Ken Hawkins, the Founder of Really Recovered and a recovering alcoholic and addict. Really Recovered is a recovery church rooted in Christian faith and the firm belief that total transformation is gained through a relationship with Christ. Ken himself has struggled with substance abuse since the age of 11. He shares how he miraculously turned his life around through his spiritual journey with Christ.

Greg asks Ken why, after his struggle with addiction, he hasn’t slid back into his past habits. Ken describes a scripture passage from the book of Mark. In the passage, Jesus heals a blind man. When the man is first touched by Jesus, he has fuzzy vision. But when he’s touched again by Jesus, he can see clearly. Ken goes on to relate the passage to the recovery of someone struggling with substance abuse. “The fact that he didn’t have 20/20 vision was irrelevant,” says Ken. “He had to stay with Jesus in order to see things clearly…Salvation is instant, but transformation is a process.”

Listen to the podcast to hear about Ken’s transformation process and how he has been forever changed via his personal encounters with Christ.