Greg interviews Rob Brandt, the Founder of Robby’s Voice. Rob lost his son Robby to opioids in 2011. In the wake of Robby’s death, a notebook of his was found containing plans to help those suffering from substance abuse. Robby’s Voice was created to bring life to that vision. Rob discusses his son’s unbridled passion for life and how he and his wife handled their son’s unexpected passing.

Greg asks Rob to discuss Robby’s addiction, so Rob explains the ups and downs of Robby’s battle against substance abuse. He cites one specific instance, where he and his wife were forced to step in after finding a peculiar receipt among Robby’s belongings. “[Carla], my wife, always took the opportunity to pay attention and clean his room,” says Rob. “She was cleaning his room one night and found a receipt for a bottle of water…The bottle of water was purchased in east Cleveland and we lived in Olmstead Falls. There was no reason for him to have been in east Cleveland…I wanted to hear no, that he wasn’t doing drugs—it just wasn’t the case.”

Listen to the podcast to hear Robby’s reaction to the receipt confrontation and the next steps Rob and Carla took to help their son.