Greg interviews Kevin Lorson, the Professor and Program Director of the Health and Physical Education Program at Wright State University. He’s also the President of OAHPERD (The Ohio Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance), which consists of over 3,000 Ohio education professionals. With Kevin’s guidance, OAHPERD is presently working on a substance abuse prevention program for kindergarten to 12th grade students.

Greg asks Kevin about the origins of the substance abuse preventative program. After a trip to Columbus last March, Kevin says he was given the task to develop a preventative curriculum for schools. He says his team hopes to have the finished lesson plans uploaded to Start Talking, a substance abuse education database for schools, by August 2017. He goes on to describe the specifics of the plan. “The lesson’s primary focuses are decision making and communication skills,” says Kevin. “It’s really about the kids making the decision to be drug free. We help by equipping kids with the knowledge to make that choice and the skills to remove themselves from an unsafe or unhealthy situation.”

Listen to the podcast to hear Kevin’s in-depth explanation of the program curriculum for each grade bracket.