Ep. 201 – Getting Treatment Guidelines in Sync with Insurance Coverage

One of the major contributing factors to the opioid epidemic has been linked to the over-prescribing of opioids for pain relief. Treatment methods, such as chiropractic care, have been offered in many states as an alternative to prescribing opioids. Chiropractors practicing in Ohio participated in a recent survey regarding coverage from Ohio’s largest payers. The results were alarming. According to the statistics, both public and private payers favor opioid prescriptions over alternative treatments, which can very well contribute to the ongoing epidemic.

Greg is joined by Dr. Aaron McMichael and Dr. Vern Saboe on this podcast and the three discuss alternative pain methods and why it is vital to get insurance companies behind non-drug treatments. The state of Oregon recently revised their guidelines after many successfully lobbied to get these larger healthcare payers to extend their coverage to non-pharmacologic methods. Hear how alternative pain treatment can be a key component to lessen the dependency on pharmaceuticals and combat the growing crisis.

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The Lund Report : “Provider Non-Discrimination, Oregon Insurers are Violating the Law

An Analysis of 2018 Healthcare Payer Policies for Coverage of Non-Pharmacologic Treatment as an Alternative to Opioid Prescriptions as Recommended by Pain Treatment Guidelines

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