Greg interviews Kristen Schenker, a licensed social worker and the current clinical supervisor at Glenbeigh. Glenbeigh is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation specialty hospital following the philosophy that those suffering from substance abuse disorder can develop a lifestyle outside of their chemical dependence.

Greg asks Kristen about her belief that substance abuse disorder is based in a lack of coping skills. Kristen explains that this was a phrase she heard through her work with addiction treatment and one that really resonated with her.  “I really, really believe that addiction is a disease, that’s how Glenbeigh views it as well, and at the root of that I’ve heard addiction described as a lack of coping skills. So many people come in and they’ve never learned how to – as the phrase in the 12-step program describes it – deal with life on life’s terms. What we try to do at Glenbeigh is individualized care so that people will walk out with a toolkit filled with ways to deal with life. And sometimes that’s mood disorder, or anxiety disorders, or dual diagnosis, sometimes it’s learning to deal with grief, stress management, relational issues – we help them learn how to do that.”

Listen to the podcast to discover how Glenbeigh’s programs offer highly specialized and individualized care, giving patient’s the skills to support themselves and transform their lives.