Four years ago, actor, writer, and Akron Ohio native, Jeremie Campbell, was unaware that the opioid crisis was continuing to ravage his hometown.

Following his high school graduation, the former all-state football player left Akron for Hollywood. Doing so, in part to pursue his acting career, landing roles in Spartan, Bicycle Dreams, and Dangerous Words from the Fearless, and to escape the tightening grip of opioids on his community.

For a long time, it seemed Jeremie had escaped the epidemic. However, the situation got personal when he began losing his boyhood friends to opioid overdoes.

Today, Jeremie’s back to develop and film his latest screenplay. A fictional story, inspired by his life experiences, about the very real impact of the opioid crisis on four friends from Akron, Ohio.

Join us for today’s podcast, with special guest Jeremie Campbell, as he shares his dream to put Akron on the cinematic map, and use his voice to bring hope to the voiceless.

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