Greg interviews Chris Wilkins, the CEO of CHESS Mobile Health. CHESS aims to propagate mobile health resources that increase health service delivery system efficiency, provide users with a sense of control, and inspire others to inform and evolve new health tools. One such tool is CHESS’ recovery app, ACHESS, which provides ongoing support and relapse prevention to people recovering from substance abuse.

Greg asks Chris about how ACHESS aids users in supporting themselves through its geo-locator, which tracks high-risk locations. Chris explains that when users first get the application, they are prompted to personalize their program by answering a series of questions. One of which, is to provide a list of things that motivate them. “One of the capacities of this system is to put into the system a personalized set of things that the person believes motivates them. In many, many cases that will be either recording a video of their kids or recording themselves when they’re coming to the end of an inpatient stay. You know, talking about their recovery plan and their resolve,” Chris says. He then relates that these motivators are triggered any time a user gets close to a high-risk area. “I always use [this] example, because it was one of the real life examples I had the privilege of actually experiencing with someone. A fella had recorded, ‘I never want to see my kids’ faces with that look of disappointment if I come home drunk again.’ So, when he gets near that geo-fenced danger zone, the system automatically pops up – ‘Go to your motivation’ – and it’s right there on the screen. He’s just got to touch one part of the screen and instantaneously he’ll be looking at himself reminding himself what his resolve was…”

Listen to the podcast to discover how ACHESS not only enables a user to help themselves, but provides support through a peer community and interlinked health professionals as well.