Home Test Kits: DFCA’s Innovative Response to a Pandemic

In today’s episode of the Cover2, PPT podcast, we continue revisiting some of the People, Places, and Things we’ve profiled in earlier episodes. We’re touching base to see how the Coronavirus has changed the way they’re making a difference in the opioid epidemic.

Today we’re joined by Angie Ferguson, the Executive Director of Drug-Free Clubs of America (DFCA). This student-lead, in-school, prevention program, rewards students who pass drug tests, become card-carrying members and remain drug-free.

We were first introduced to DFCA at a launch rally in Chillicothe, Ohio, back in 2016. There, 1,500 students marched from the gym to the courthouse to show their commitment to being drug-free.

Join us on today’s podcast as returning guest, Angie Ferguson, share how COVID-19 has affected Drug Free Clubs of America and its student leaders.