When Keeping Secrets Costs Lives

[To protect her privacy Elaine asked us to withhold her last name.]

On May 14th Greg received an email from Elaine, a Montgomery County Maryland Resident. She shared the story of her brother Alan who had struggled with addiction, recovery, and relapse for much of his life.

Less than a month ago, his unexpected death came as a shock to Elaine. But, she was more surprised to learn that Alan had overdosed many times before, and his history of close calls was well known by several friends.

Hoping to stop others from making the same discovery too late, Elaine shares her brother’s story on the latest episode of the Cover2 PPT Podcast series.

For her full emotional story, join us on the Cover2 PPT Podcast. If you know someone who’s overdosed, make it your business to tell their family. You might save a life!